Ferenc Andaházy

Creative Director

Scatter Rap Launch

Introducing the Scatter Rap

Rapala makes hundreds of new products every year, but when the Scatter Rap was made, everyone knew it was special. And a lure this amazing needed a website that was just as exceptional.


Our marketing team compiled a boatload of great content. Our ad agency, Pocket Hercules, created catchy campaigns and a brilliant TV spot. Linder Media produced 6 videos highlighting the full product line and features. The minisite became the marketing hub for the product launch, showcasing all the content and media in one spot... on one page.

One Page

Scatter Rap Launch Full Page

Consistency is Key

Rapala Creative Director, Bob Bussey, developed a signature visual identity for the Scatter Rap. The design treatment uses a bold yellow color and features a front view of the lure, emphasizing the product’s unique lip design. This signature look was used in nation-wide retail signage & product packaging. It was only natural that the site design leveraged the same elements, reinforcing the Scatter Rap’s standout look & feel.

Scatter Rap Launch iPad Responsive

Fullscreen Experience

A one page site design presents a unique set of challenges. We had to display a wealth of content on one page, while still keeping the user experience simple. The site utilizes a fullscreen layout with a fixed navigation header. This lets our users easily jump from section to section within the page. Sections that contain a large amount of content are split into slides, allowing the user to discover more information on-demand, while keeping the layout uncluttered. The site is also responsive, providing an optimal experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Fixed Navigation

Scatter Rap Launch Fixed Naivgation TV Spot

Content On-Demand

Scatter Rap Launch On-Demand Content

My Role

I designed and developed the Scatter Rap minisite, which was used by both Rapala and our retailers as a centralized online platform to introduce the Scatter Rap. I designed and developed email marketing campaigns announcing the Scatter Rap release.


The Scatter Rap national ad campaigns and TV spot on the site were created by Pocket Hercules. Creative Director, Bob Bussey developed the Scatter Rap visual design identity. Lindner Media Productions produced the Scatter Rap product videos.

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