Ferenc Andaházy

Creative Director

Rapala Apparel

Brand Campaign

Rapala had just developed an entirely new lineup of branded apparel set to be released exclusively online. The new line needed a fresh look to successfully relaunch Rapala clothing and differentiate it from previous lines.

Giving Clothing a Makeover

Earlier Rapala apparel campaigns didn’t have a consistent voice or visual identity. Since the new apparel was introduced online first, I was given the opportunity to create the entire new Rapala apparel campaign. This included a new brand identity, lifestyle & product photography as well as other graphic assets used on the web and in email marketing campaigns.

The new apparel identity was also still secondary to the main Rapala brand. The Rapala logo would always be used in the marketing graphics alongside the messaging for the new apparel. The winning Rapala Apparel logo concept was a clothing tag that could easily be added to any graphic and would not compete visually with the Rapala logo.

A New Identity

Rapala Apparel Logo

Lifestyle Photography

The new look & feel focused on the apparel itself, but showed the product in use, incorporating lifestyle elements and adding authenticity to the scene. All the lifestyle photography was shot in studio and then composited with stock photography.

Selected Lifestyle Images

Rapala Apparel Lifestyle Photography 1
Rapala Apparel Lifestyle Photography 2
Rapala Apparel Lifestyle Photography 3
Rapala Apparel Lifestyle Photography 4
Rapala Apparel Lifestyle Photography 5
Rapala Apparel Lifestyle Photography 6

Product Photography

The new clothing was photographed in a way that would allow us to easily combine different products into unique compositions based on marketing messaging. All the product photography was shot in studio.

Selected Product Images

Rapala Apparel Product Photography 4
Rapala Apparel Product Photography 1
Rapala Apparel Product Photography 2
Rapala Apparel Product Photography 3

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