Ferenc Andaházy

Creative Director

Lindner Media

Helping People Find & Catch More Fish

The Lindners have become some of the best-recognized angling authorities in North America. With decades of angling knowledge, their mission is to help people find & catch more fish. They accomplish this by producing some of the most educational and highest quality media in the fishing industry.

For the Fishermen

As a media production house, the Lindners produce a truly epic amount of content. From videos & audio to photography & articles, the Lindners have built their legacy by giving what they have learned about this complex sport back to the angling community.

Through the redesign of LindnerMedia.com, we decided to simplify the way that visitors would find and consume media. In order to put the focus of the website back on the content, we selected a blog format that would present the most current media & articles to our visitors instantly upon entering the site.

Home Page

Lindner Media Home Page

Content and More Content

One of the biggest issues that arose with the current implementation of LindnerMedia.com was finding appropriate ways to categorize the overwhelming amount of content that Lindner Media produces on a daily basis in a way that was easily accessible to visitors. It was safe to say that they had outgrown the information architecture of the current site. The redesign allowed us to completely rethink the content organization and develop a design that could accommodate all the existing content and be flexible enough to allow for new kinds of content which had yet to be introduced.

Responsive Menu

Lindner Media Responsive Menu Default

Responsive Menu Expanded

Lindner Media Responsive Menu Expanded

Ferenc is a man of high character, employing a top 1% work ethic, and adds extremely high quality to both the ideas expressed and the work produced. He created the look & feel of the website and planned the workflow to consider the user experience as the primary objective.

Ferenc possesses a unique ability to both listen and share opinions in a palatable way with his objective focused on the end product and the working relationship. In the end, business is about people. Not only will you find a great method in the work you get from Ferenc, but you will see the team grow in a shared experience with him involved. Originally a work associate, I now consider him a trusted friend.

- Billy Hoffs, Web/IT/Graphics Director

A Blog Post

Lindner Media Post

Simplifying the Store

Even though the future of Lindner Media’s online business is rooted in driving traffic to their content, the current revenue stream is still their store. The existing store had become increasingly cumbersome for users to navigate and difficult for the Lindner Media staff to manage and maintain.

The new store design leverages a responsive, text-based navigation system, alleviating the need for staff to create images and descriptions for store categories. The new system also eliminates the need for nested category landing pages, allowing users to navigate directly to categories containing products. This reduces the amount of clicks and pages between the user and the product detail pages.

Store Page

Lindner Media Store Page

Store Category Page

Lindner Media Store Category Page

My Role

I have worked with Lindner Media on two versions of their website, leading ongoing visual & user interface design, development, feature planning & implementation, project management and marketing strategy. This redesign of LindnerMedia.com is currently in the development phase.


Lindner Media and BLP Studio (Bill Lindner Photography) produced all the amazing photography and videos found throughout the website. Jared Chelf of Coulee Creative was involved in the marketing strategy, contributed to UI design and is leading the development phase for this redesign. Misha Chitharanjan is the web developer for both the current and future Lindner Media websites. Among many other things, Billy Hoffs leads the vision, strategy and planning for all the Lindner Media websites.

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