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Creative Director

Extreme Net Men

Flash Website

The Rapala X-Rap’s extreme action is certain to put monster fish on the end of your line, but don’t trust your fishing buddy to land ’em. Make sure you get an Extreme Net Man on board.

The Campaign

Pocket Hercules created the Extreme Net Men campaign to put the spotlight back on the X-Rap, a lure that had become a staple in every angler’s tacklebox but hadn’t been the focus of marketing efforts for quite a few years. Pocket developed the entire campaign including a host of comical TV spots.

The Website

The website was the platform for distributing the TV spot videos online and driving new traffic to the X-Rap lure on Rapala.com. Rapala sent email campaigns pointing subscribers to the site. The print ads and TV spots created by Pocket also contained URLs marketing the site.

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My Role

I collaborated with James Lotter at Pocket Hercules on the design of the website. I developed the website, including the flash animation and audio effects.


Pocket Hercules created the Extreme Net Men campaign. They also produced all the videos, photography and graphics used on the website. James Lotter provided the majority of the site design and art direction throughout.

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