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Creative Director

Baltix Sustainable Furniture

Web Campaign & Email Marketing

Baltix is a small company with a big reputation for being “abnormally green.” The core value of their business is sustainability. That is what sets them apart from their competition and gets them noticed by big customers... like Google, Microsoft and the World Wildlife Fund to name a few.

Finding the Balance

Being “abnormally green” is what makes Baltix different than their competition, and they wanted their website to reflect that by incorporating playful & unexpected design elements. On the other hand, they still needed to showcase their products in a professional manner, and they had just finished updating their brand identity & style guide.

Selected Concepts

Baltix Selected Concept 1
Baltix Selected Concept 2
Baltix Selected Concept 3

Even though Baltix really liked some of the early concepts I created, perhaps they were a bit too whimsical for their target B2B demographic. Also, my early concepts took a few more liberties with their newly developed style guide. Ultimately, we chose the best fit for their business. But these early concepts were key to the process and helped lead to us to our final design direction.

Early Concept

Baltix Early Concept 1
Baltix Early Concept 2
Baltix Early Concept 3

Ferenc lead our team through a highly collaborative design process that enabled each of us to promote what we deemed most important with our messaging. He immediately understood and appreciated our goals.

The new Baltix website was launched and received rave reviews from our sales reps, our dealers and most importantly, from the design community. Ferenc not only met, but greatly exceeded our stated objectives. Each of us at Baltix considers Ferenc to be a trusted partner and team member.

- Chuck Lodge, President

What Baltix is All About

The first thing a visitor encounters on the Baltix.com home page is an introduction to the “abnormally green” concept, accompanied by a hero product. The main image area is a slideshow that features other key products. The 3 columns below are used to highlight other information, resources and an easy email sign up form.

Home Page

Baltix Home Page

A Complex Catalog

Baltix isn’t only unique because of their sustainability practices, they also don’t have a traditional product offering. All of their products are offered á la carte. This allows their customers to configure an ideal product from a large variety of bases, shapes, materials and other options. Since their business is built on sustainability, the materials they use to make their products are just as important as the products themselves. In fact, marketing stories are regularly written about new materials they add to their offering.

The information architecture of their old website had products and materials existing in multiple different locations, which caused confusion for their users. For the new website, the IA was completely revisited, with a focus on creating marketing & SEO friendly landing page URLs for both product and material pages. Then relationships were created between the products & materials, but the marketing information was never duplicated. This made it easier for our users and for ongoing data maintenance.

Products Page

Baltix Products Page

Materials Page

Baltix Materials Page

Putting it Together

Since Baltix products and materials are available in so many combinations, the individual detail pages contain a large amount of content. We implemented a simple tab system to clearly separate the wide variety of configuration options.

Product Detail Page

Baltix Green Tables Product Page 1
Baltix Green Tables Product Page 2
Baltix Green Tables Product Page 3

Material Detail Page

Baltix Forbo Material Detail Page 1
Baltix Forbo Material Detail Page 2

Email Marketing

To accompany the new website, Baltix got a brand new email marketing system. Built on the Campaign Monitor platform, the system provides an easy way for the Baltix staff to create and send their own email marketing campaigns. They can also manage their subscriber lists and view open rates and reports for their sent campaigns.

Admin Dashboard

Baltix Email Marketing System Dashboard

Email Analytics

Baltix Email Marketing System Analytics

Emails Made Easy

The email templates are integrated with Campaign Monitor’s template tags, allowing the Baltix staff to easily create new email campaigns using a friendly drag & drop interface. The templates were also tested for SPAM compliance and design consistency in over 30 email clients.

Admin Email Creation

Baltix Email Marketing System Email Creation

A Baltix Email Campaign

Baltix Email Marketing Email Campaign

My Role

I created a new look & feel for the Baltix brand web campaign. I led Baltix through the entire website redesign process, including information architecture & marketing strategy consultation. I designed & developed the Baltix.com website. I integrated the website with a new email marketing system. I designed & developed email templates that empower the Baltix staff to quickly create and send their own email campaigns.


The entire Baltix team was involved in planning the website and making the design & marketing decisions. Baltix Lead Designer, Kelly Lusson, created the Baltix brand style guide which was incorporated into the website design. Kelly and I collaborated directly on the new Baltix design concepts. Kelly also produced all the amazing 3D product renderings and material sketches appearing throughout the website.

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